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To be an excellent government agencyof nation that uplifts the livelihood of people be enhancing service quality

Our Mission

Uplifting the livelihood of people through sustainable development by utillizing the limited resources with the active participation of the community, in accordance with the government policies through providing delighted service



Eravur Town DS Division occupies part of the Batticaloa District. It covers a total area of approximately 09.50 Sq.KM. The Division Accounts for 0.18% of the District total land area. Eravur is situated 14km, in th

e North Western direction, away from Batticaloa Town of the Eastern Sri Lanka.



North : Chenkalady

East : Bay of Bangal

South : Arumugathan Kudiyiruppu

West : Batticaloa Lagoon

Eravur is being connected with other parts of the island by the National Railway and A15 Highway.



The Division is divided in to 17 Administrative Grama Niladary Divisions.

01.189 Aarumugathan Kudiyiruppu – 01

02. 190 Eravur-01

03.190A Eravur-01A

04. 190B Eravur-01B

05. 191 Eravur-02

06. 191A Eravur-02A

07. 191B Eravur-02B

08. 191C Eravur-02C

09. 192 Eravur-03

10. 192A Eravur-06

11. 192B Eravur-03A

12. 192C Eravur-06A

13. 192D Eravur-06D

14. 193A Meerakerny

15. 193B Michnager

16. 193C Iyankerny (Tamil)

17. 193D Iyankerny(Muslim)

Chronology of the Eravur Town DS Office 

It is recorded that, there was an AGA division called Eravur Koralaipattu before the independence and the boundaries were Thannamunai in the east, Rethithenna (Kadawaththamadu) in the West, Verukal in the North and Pullumalai and Mangalaoya in the south. The office was situated in several location of the Chenkalady area: Initially at the residence of the clerk Ponnuthurai, then in a garden at Mavadyvembu and thereafter at the building of the Chellaypodiyar near the central hotel & bakery at Chenkalady. And currently, this division is functioning as Eravur Pattu DS of Chenkalady.

1n 1978, after tremendous efforts by several community based societies, a separate AGA division was established for Eravur and functioned from an address at Punnaikudah Road in a private building. However, the division was compelled to discontinue its function under heavy political pressure at that time.

During the period from 1979 to 1980 the office was functioning for two days per week at Eravur Town council building as a sub office and then discontinued its function due to certain reasons.

In 1990.08.22 Mr.ULM.Haneefa was appointed as Additional AGA for Eravur Pattu and the office started to function from the same day at two shops in the main street of the Earvur. Thereafter Mr.V.Yoosuff, Mr.MACM.Sadiqueen, Mr.MK.Mohideen, Mr.S.Sinniyah were appointed as AGAs for this division. The first Divisional Secretary was Mr.K.Vimalanathan. Mr.K.Vimalanathan was the one who had worked the longest in this division.

Eravur Town divisional Secretariat was officially declared as the divisional secretariat with effect from 01.01.1993 in the gazette notification of 12.06.1998, page 657.

Eravur Town Divisional Secretariat was functioning at the MPCS building  after that foundation stone for the permanent DS office building was laid near the lagoon on 29.08.2004 with the allocation of Hon.ALM.Athavullah, Minister of Eastern Infrastructure Development.

At present the office is functioning at the newly constructed building which was declared open on 26.01.2007.

Role performed at DS   

Name of Divisional Secretaries To From Designation
Al Haj. ULM.Haneefa 1990 1991 Addl.A.G.A
Mr.V.Yoosuff 1991 1992 A.G.A
Mr.MACM.Sadikeen 1992 1993 Addl.A.G.A
Mr.MK.Mohaideen 1993 1993 Addl.A.G.A
Mr.S.Sinnaiya 1993 1993 A.G.A
Mr.Vimalanathan 1993 2005 Divisional Secretary
Ms.Vasuki Arulrasa 2005 2006 Divisional Secretary
Mr.SH.Musammil 2006 2009 Divisional Secretary
Mr.MC.Ansar 2009 2010 Divisional Secretary
Mr.S.Hilmy 2010 2010 Divisional Secretary
Ms.G.Navarubarajini 2010 2011 Divisional Secretary (Acting)
Al Haj. SL.Mohamed Hanifa 2011 2017 Divisional Secretary
Ms.MAC.Rameeza 2017 2017 Divisional Secretary (Acting)
Al Haj.V.Yoosuff 2017   Divisional Secretary

News & Events

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71வது சுதந்திர தின வைபவம் 2019

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